API 5L Grade B Pipe

API 5L Grade B Pipe belongs to a specification that covers line pipes for the transportation of oil, gas and water in different applications. The American Petroleum Institute monitors the specification and Steel India Co. is a manufacturer of pipes under this specification. There are different grades of this specification such as the Api 5l Gr B Pipe. The different grades apply for different applications. There are grades A, B and the X range of grades. The Api 5l Grade B Seamless Pipe is one of the most used grades in this specification.

The applications can have seamless pipes ranging from ½ inches to 60 inches or the Electric Resistance Welded pipes up to 24 inches. There are also the SAW or LSAW pipes which could range from 16 inches to 100 inches. Our Api 5l Grade B Erw Pipe is used for great strength. The Api 5l Grade B Psl1 Material can be of different grades of steel such as the A53, A333, A179 and so on. Depending on the application requirement the Api 5l Grade B Psl2 or Psl1 pipes could be manufactured from different material grades. You can place any orders with us for any type of Api 5l Grade B Carbon Steel Pipe. Please contact us for further information and price lists.

Lsaw Pipe Materials Selection And Specification

Standard API 5L Grade B
Product Specification Level API 5L Product Specification Level 2
API 5L Product Specification Level 1
Sizes Np Sizes 1/2" to Sizes 48 upto Other Daimeter.
WT - Sch 10 to 160, XS, STD, XXS.
  • Sand Blasting
  • ARO
  • Tar Epoxy
  • Annealed
  • Galvanizing
  • 3LPE
  • Machining etc.
  • Bending
  • Heat Treatment
Type ERW /Seamless / Fabricated / Welded / CDW
Other stockist JSL, MSL,ISMT, BAO, USL, Lontrin, TNRS, SMTM, and Wuxi
Applications Petrochemicals, Oil Refineries, Pressure Vessels, Power Generation, Sugar, Steel, Boiler Equipments
Test Methods
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Flattening test
  • DWT test for PSL2 pipe
  • CVN impact test for PSL2 pipe (including pipe body tests, pipe weld and HAZ tests)
  • Guided-bend test
  • Bend test
Length Double Random, Single Random, Any Sizes - 12 Meters
End Screwed, Bevel, Plain, Threaded
Thickness Schedule 40, 80, 160, XS, XXS

Equivalent Material Grade Of 5L PSL2 Pipe

Product Specification Level2 Equivalent EN 10217-1 P265 EN 10216-1 P265 BS 3601 430
Product Specification Level1 Equivalent EN 10217-1 P265 EN 10216-1 P265 BS 3601 430

Grade B SAW Pipe Chemical Compatibility Chart

Gr C Mn P S C Mn P S
B 0.27 1.30 0.05 0.03 0.24 1.20 0.020 0.010
A 0.22 0.90 0.03 0.03 0.22 1.20 0.025 0.015

Mechanical Characteristics of API 5L gr. B Erw Pipe

Other Daimeter Tolerance Wall Thickness
A, B X42 ~ X70
D<60.3milimeter +0.41/-0.40milimeter D<73milimeter +20%/-12.5% D<73milimeter +15%/-12.5%
D>=60.3milimeter +0.75/-0.40milimeter D>=73milimeter +15%/-12.5% D>=73milimeter +15%/-12.5%

API 5L Gr B Carbon Steel Pipe Tensile Strength

Yield Properties a
R t0,5 PSI Min
(in 2in Af % min)
Tensile Properties grade a
Rm PSI Minimum
Tensile Properties grade b
Rm PSI Minimum
Gr A 31,500 c 48,600 48,600
Gr B 36,500 c 60,200 65,200